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Atreum Lighting 3200 LED grow light PAR test and review

The Atreum HYDRA-3200 LED bar grow light will cover a 4ft x 2ft up to a 5ft x 3ft space.

Atreum HYDRA-3200 overview

It is a 4 bar foldable led grow light with LEDs spaced with higher density at the ends and lower density in the middle to reduce hot spots and allow a low hanging height. The LEDs are a mixture of cool white, warm white and 660nm reds which delivers a full spectrum suitable for growing from seed to harvest.

Atreum HYDRA spectrum

The fixture only just fits into a 4ft x 2ft space which means it has great light spread over the area. I hung the light at the lowest recommended hanging height of 12 inches. The fixture consumes 320 watts and delivers an average PAR of 1,024 µmols/m²/second for a system efficiency of 2.3 usable PPF per watt which is an excellent result.

Atreum HYDRA-3200 PAR chart

The Atreum HYDRA 3200 is of basic construction but has all the features you would expect such as:

  • Full spectrum output
  • High efficiency
  • High PAR intensity over the 4 x 2 space
  • Dimmable driver with daisy chain control
  • Driver can be hung remotely
  • LEDs are protected with coating for longer life

Driver can be located remotely

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