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Groplanner O series 150W LED grow light test and review

The O series of LED grow lights by Groplanner are good quality and good efficiency LED grow lights with a few unique features including wifi control and an acrylic cover over the LEDs.


Groplanner O series is easy to hang and setup Groplanner O series is easy to hang and setup

Available to US and Canadian customers here with 5% DISCOUNT CODE 'MIGRO':



The O series range of LED grow lights were a pleasant surprise to me, especially for the price. The build quality is very good, a solid heatsink combined with an acrylic cover over the LEDs means this is a very robust led grow light. The LEDs are a mixture of cool and warm white LEDs with added red LEDs for higher efficiency and far red LEDs to broaden the spectrum. This spectrum output is perfect for full cycle growing from seed to harvest.

The PAR output is excellent and the system efficiency is also very good considering how good value this light is. The addition of wireless control is a very nice feature with full dimming and timer control from the Tuya Smart App.

The O series lights are modular and additional units can be added together for larger grow areas and linked together on wifi so you can control them simultaneously.

Groplanner O series PAR test 

Recommended Coverage: 2ft x 2ft (0.6m x 0.6m)

At 150 watts at the wall this is a small size grow light and suits a 2ft x 2ft up to 2.5ft x 2.5ft grow area for flowering.



The build quality is excellent and the light has a solid feel to it. It is very well packaged, there is no assembly and it is easy to hang and adjust. You can also adjust dimming, switch on and off and set timing with the Tuya Smart App which is very simple to use, but you must be able to connect to wifi to use it.
Wireless control with the Tuya Smart App 

LEDs and Spectrum output

White 3000K and Blue 5000K promote the vegetative growth of your plants. Added Plant Red 660nm LEDs and 760nm IR  

White 300K neutral and 5000K cool white LEDs and added red and IR diodes for increased efficiency and a broad spectrum for flowering. A balanced full spectrum output for growing full cycle from seed to harvest.


Groplanner O series Spectrum 

MIGRO Test results

I suspected the cover over the LEDs would reduce PAR output. However this light delivers a very good system efficiency of 2.01 µmols/watt (usable PPF/watt) at 16" or 40cm hanging height in a 2x2 (60cm x 60cm) grow area and an average PAR intensity of 824µmols/m²/sec which is a high performance level.
Groplanner O series150W par chart 

Value for money

This is an excellent value for money grow light considering the build qualities and features.
Groplanner O series has a protective acrylic cover 

Where to buy

Available to US and Canadian customers with 5% DISCOUNT CODE 'MIGRO':

Detailed specifications

Manufacturer: Groplanner

Model: O Series Power consumed: 150 watts

System Efficiency: 2.01 usable PPF per watt (µmols/watt) in the MIGRO test at 16" or 40cm hanging height

Flowering coverage: 2ft x 2ft (0.6m x 0.6m)

Vegging coverage: 3ft x 3ft (0.9m x 0.9m) LEDs and Spectrum: mixture of cool and neutral white and red LEDs for a Full spectrum output (grows from seed to harvest)

Dimming: Yes, via wifi Tuya Smart App

Warranty: 3 years


2 thoughts on “Groplanner O series 150W LED grow light test and review

Adam Green

I’ve bought six of these overtime, for $55 on Amazon at the time, and absolutely none of them have that. But they do work good. It is still false advertising to say it’s full spectrum when it’s obviously leaving out a light that is noticeable, very very noticeable.

March 5, 2024 at 10:00am
P tree

I was curious, I cannot find the IR diodes on this light. I wrote groplanner and they said they are on all of the O.series lights. But in the picture for Amazon it says red, 3000k, & 5000k (for wifi light not dimmer knob light) so I’m kinda confused here, can anyone help? I’m not.saying anything bad I own 4 and they will flower a 5×5 easily!

November 23, 2022 at 11:13am

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