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Lightmyleaf 240W 'Quantum Board' LED grow light review

The Lightmyleaf 240W LED grow light is a 'Quantum Board' bar type light which will cover an area up to 3ft x 3ft or 4ft x 2ft for flowering.

The fixture is simple in design in the typical 'Quantum Board' style. However it is very neatly finished with a nice pattern finish on the back of the aluminium heatsink.

The LED driver is mounted on the back of the heatsink with space between the two to allow heat to dissipate from the heatsink without overheating the LED driver. The driver has on board dimming and RJ12 connections for daisy chain control.

There are neutral white LEDs with a color temperature of 3700K and added 660nm deep red LEDs to increase the system and photosynthetic efficiency. The light output is full spectrum and suitable for growing from seed to harvest.

The LEDs are also coated with silicone to protect them from dirt and moisture.

We tested the PAR output of the fixture in a 3ft x 3ft test space with silver mylar reflective walls at 16 inches hanging height. We used the Spoton quantum sensor to take 36 PAR readings evenly spaced across the test area.

The average PAR recorded across the test area was 609 µmos/m²/second. The system efficiency (the total PAR reaching the plant canopy divided by power consumed) is 2.0 µmols/watt or usable PPF/watt.


Overall this grow light is a high quality fixture with good system efficiency and full spectrum output.

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2 thoughts on “Lightmyleaf 240W 'Quantum Board' LED grow light review


2.0 that’s all !!! this board is not worth 300.00 us

September 8, 2022 at 10:44am

Your board not very good with out uv ir I have found better lights then this .

September 8, 2022 at 10:44am

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