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Operations manual


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STOP – Please read all these instructions carefully especially the safety section before unboxing and assembling


Please read this manual thoroughly before assembling and installing the MIGRO grow lights system

Please retain this manual for reference for the lifetime for the product

To minimise  risk please switch the power off while installing and adjusting the MIGRO system. If the mains plug needs to be changed to suit your power socket only a qualified person should carry out this work, in accordance with your local codes.

The MIGRO system will operate on a supply voltage ranging from 100V to 277V AC and from 50 to 60Hz frequency. Any other supply voltage will damage the lighting system.
The grow light and the power cable are IP54 rated and cannot be used in a wet area. The mains power plug is not IP rated for a wet area and should be located in a dry area outside of the grow room. If the cable insulation or glands are damaged switch off the system immediately and return to us for repair.
Do not cover the grow light and restrict the airflow across the fixture under any circumstances. This will result in heat build up which may damage the grow light and/or cause a fire
Do not put the grow light down on any surface when the light is on. The UV radiation and radiated heat may damage the surface.

The UVB radiation from the light fixture can damage eyes and skin. Switch off the UVB grow light when in the grow room.  Any object within 90cm or 3ft of the fixture in the direction of the radiation may be damaged over time (bleaching them for example).

Setup instructions


Fluorescent tubes are delicate and may break during transit. If this is the case contact us and we will send a replacement immediately. Before you contact us please double check the bulb by turning it in the fixture to make sure good electrical contact is being made.

Fluorescent tubes will 'rattle'

The fluorescent tube will make a rattling noise. This is due to a small ball of  mercury and other metals in the tube. These metals vaporize when powered up and emit the UV photons.

The light output may be wavey on initial startup

The mercury ball may lodge in the filament at the end of the tube. If there is waviness please wait for the fixture to warm up after a few minutes and tilt the fixture from side to side to move the metals around the tube for even illumination.

Installation instructions

Insert the T8 Fluorescent tube into the Light fixture and twist until secure

Attach the hanging clips to the light fixture, one on each end

UVB hanging clips

Hang the fixture
Position the light fixture between 45cm and 60cm (18 – 24 inches) above the plant canopy
When to use it
  • The aim is to stimulate the production of essential oils and increase potency. This is best achieved in the last 3 weeks of flowering.
  • Set the control timer to switch the UVB light on for 1.5hours (45cm hanging height) to 2 hours (60cm hanging height) per light cycle
  • If there is no noticeable plant damage (browning on leaf tips) then increase in 0.5 hour increments and check for damage again.
  • Keep increasing to maximise the dosage until some browning or bleaching on the tips is observed than reduce the time by 0.5 hours
Hanging height and UVB intensity


General specifications

The MIGRO UVB 310 is an 18W Fluorescent tube, hanging Light fixture with 2M (6ft) power cable. Up to 5 units can be daisy chained together.
Fluorescent tube: T8 UVB LAMP, 20W, 589.8mm, 230V, Wavelength 310-320nm, G13 base.
Light Fixture: AC100-277V 50/60HZ 0.6MM aluminum body, UV reflective aluminum reflector, electronic ballast, PF0.5CE/UL EMC,  bodysize: 615*60*40mm reflector width: 60mm, 2M 2*0.75 cores cable, hanging: 2 x stainless hooks
Hanging height: 60cm (2ft”)
Light dimensions: 62cm long x 6cm wide and 5cm high (24″ x 2.5″ x 2″)
Power consumed: 22 watts
Power daisy chain: Up to 5 units per circuit
Voltage / Current: 110V / 1.1 Amp; 220V / 0.5 Amp
Spectrum: UVB 310 nm
Lifetime: 5,000 hours
Warranty: 1 year
Hanging weight: 300g (11 Oz)
Shipping contents include: Light fixtures: 1 x 60cm or 2ft T8 UVB fluorescent tube
Driver:  1 x T8 60cm or 2ft Fluorescent light fixture with UV reflective aluminum reflector
Cables: 2m cable
Plug: UK, US, Euro, Swiss or AUS plug options
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