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SpotOn Quantum PAR light sensor

An accurate quantum PAR meter

The SpotOn Quantum PAR sensor has the same level of accuracy as the best PAR meters in the market for almost half the price. It is designed and built by Innoquest inc., a US agricultural instrument company.

I have measured it against the industry benchmark, the Apogee SQ500 quantum sensor and the SpotOn PAR meter measurements are almost identical (over 99.9% similarity measuring LED grow light spectrum).

Buy the SpotOn Quantum PAR sensor here: SpotOn PAR meter

The SpotOn sensor is very easy to use out of the box and is very robust (water and impact resistant).

SpotOn quantum par light meter on stand Innoquest inc

The light sensitivity is to the highest industry standard and reads the full range of PAR accurately, especially useful for LED grow light measurement but will also read sunlight and all HID grow light spectrum accurately.

Spectral Graph for the SpotOn Quantum PAR sensor

The SpotOn sensor can read PAR in the range from 1 µmols/m²/second to 6,500 µmols/m²/second and can read PAR accurately in an arc of over 80 Deg from vertical. This means you can accurately read light impacting on the point of measurement from multiple light sources or reflected light from the grow area walls.

SpotOn Cosine Graph

There are three modes of PAR measurement with the SpotOn PAR sensor:

– Instant Spot Measurement mode for PAR light readings.
– Scan mode for quickly averaging PAR over an area.
– DLI mode shows Daily Light Integral on the LCD (no computer needed).

We tested the Spoton meter vs the Apogee SQ500 with the ARAY 8 LED grow light and a HPS grow light and the measurements were almost identical.

Apogee SQ500 vs SpotOn 18cm LED grow light

Apogee SQ500 vs SpotOn 18cm HPS grow light

The Spoton Quantum PAR sensor is highly accurate, well designed and built and very good value for money. I highly recommend it for any growers who wish to optimise their grow lighting setup to maximise their yields.

Buy the SpotOn Quantum PAR sensor here: SpotOn PAR meter


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