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Stealth Grow Closet Build Manual - FREE

We have released a comprehensive Stealth Closet Grow Build Manual FREE. It is for anyone in the grow community who wants to setup a small and stealthy grow and needs a little help with the overall design and build.

The Manual includes 14 pages of instructions and lists of parts and tools needed. There is also a playlist of videos on our Youtube page with full instructions on the build.

The Stealth Closet Grow Build Manual is designed using a standard 60cm x 50cm Ikea cabinet but the design is adaptable to almost any medium size cabinet construction. It provides a tall growing chamber (waist high, or even chest high grow cabinets are too low for regular plants) that is 150cm or 5 feet high. This allows enough height to fit a large pot, hang a light and still have enough room for a large sized plant or up to three medium sized ones. The fan and filter configuration are very easy to build and install, relatively cheap to buy and run very quiet and efficiently. The noise levels have been tested and are less than a computer fan noise in a room, difficult to detect only 2 metres away and not noticeable at night.

Please download the FREE Stealth Closet Grow Build Manual and watch the introduction video, links below.

Download Grow Cabinet Build Manual HERE



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Ramon Booth

I would like to test and review your products

June 13, 2023 at 12:59pm

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