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Growealth G1500 2 x 2 with UV and Far Red LED grow light review

The Growealth G1500 is a 150W LED grow light with added UV and Far Red LEDs and is suitable for a 2ft x 2ft or 60cm x 60cm grow area.

Growealth G1500 LED grow light


The Growealth G1500 is an excellent value for money grow light. The G1500 is 150 watts of White and Red LEDs with added 4W each of Infra Red and UVA LEDs. It is designed for a 2ft x 2ft or 60cm x 60cm grow area and delivers a high PAR intensity and good spread and  It has all the features you would want including:

  • Good Efficiency with Samsung LM301b LEDs
  • Full spectrum (grow from seed to harvest)
  • Added UVA and IR Diodes
  • Silicone coated LEDs for protection
  • On board dimming from 20% to 100% output

Growealth G1500 LED grow light

Recommended Coverage: 2ft x 2ft (0.6m x 0.6m)

The G1500 consumes 150 watts with the white and red LEDs on and an additional 4W of UVA and 4W of IR.

Growealth G1500 layout


The fixture is basic but good quality construction, easy to setup and hang and has on board dimming.

.Growealth G1500 LED grow light with a protective coating on the LEDs

LEDs and Spectrum output

The Growealth G1500 uses cool white 5000K and warm white 3000K LEDs as well as 660nm reds, 380nm UVA and 730nm far red LEDs to deliver a balanced Full spectrum designed for full cycle growing from seed to harvest

Growealth G1500 LED grow light spectrum

MIGRO Test results

The power consumed at the wall was 142 watts and the average PAR of 806 µmols/m²/sec in a 2ft x 2ft  (0.6m x 0.6m) grow area means the Growealth G1500 has a real world system efficiency of 2.04 µmols/watt (usable PPF/watt). A very good result for a grow light in this price range.

Growealth G1500 LED grow light PAR chart

Value for money

The G3000 is excellent value for money at $149.89 considering its build quality and performance.

Where to buy

Growealth  Shop here: Growealth US store

For a 10% discount the coupon code is: MIGRO10



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