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Lightmyleaf 800W LED Grow light PAR test and review

The Lightmyleaf 800W LED grow light is a foldable LED bar type light which will cover an area up to 6ft x 6ft for flowering.


It requires a small amount of assembly but also comes in very compact packaging for such a big fixture. Each LED bar attaches to the fixture chassis with a firm push of the connector into place.

The Light output is full spectrum and suitable for growing from seed to harvest. It is 3700K Color temperature which will have plenty of blue in the spectrum for short and dense growth in Veg and a lot of red for maximum photosynthetic efficiency.

The LED driver is mounted to the back of the LED bars. The driver is dimmable and can be daisy chained so that multiple fixtures can be controlled together.


I tested in a 5ft x 5ft or 1.5m x 1.5m area and the average PAR reaching the plant canopy at 35cm hanging height was 832 µmols/m/second. A very high performance level which will maximise the yield from that size grow area.

The power consumed was 833 watts and the system efficiency is 2.24 µmols/watt, an excellent result for a fixture at this price point.

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